Pinwheel Quilt Block Pattern

The pattern for a basic little Pinwheel block is so easy and so versatile. It is used in making so many other blocks but is also great on its own. The Pinwheel block also makes a great cornerstone block in borders and sashings. Let’s get started!

Fabric Requirements:

Light/White: 2 – 2.5″ squares

Dark/Blue: 2 – 2.5″ squares


First you will need to make 4 Half-Square Triangle (HST) blocks. You can see my tutorial on HSTs at

Lay the HSTs out as shown in the picture below.

Pinwheel 1

Sew the HSTs together in 2 rows (or columns) and press the seam allowances in opposite directions.

Pinwheel 2

And then sew the 2 rows (or columns) together. That’s it!

Pinwheel 3

I like to press the seam allowance using the tweak/twirl/furl method so the block lays flatter. You can see that there is a tiny little pinwheel in the center where the seams meet.

Pinwheel 4

I hope you liked this quick little Pinwheel Block pattern! There are lots of variations on this block and we’ll get into them in future blog posts.

Happy Quilting!


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