Streak of Lightening Quilt Layouts

The Streak of Lightening quilt block tutorial that I did a while back has been really popular and I had a couple of requests for layouts so here they are! If you missed the tutorial, you can find it here:

Diagonal Layout:

The first one (I’m calling it a Diagonal Layout) is setting the blocks all in the same direction so that all the black squares line up in diagonal lines across the quilt. Very graphic and looks great! 

Streak of Lightening Quilt Diagonal Layout

Chevron Layout:

This layout is the same as the Diagonal layout but every other block is rotated 90 degrees to give a chevron look to the quilt. While it looks like a really big chevron in the picture, keep in mind that the block itself is only 10″ square. This 4 x 4 layout with borders is only 46″ square. 

Streak of Lightening Quilt Chevron Layout

Diamond Layout:

Here we have the blocks rotated so that a diamond pattern appears in the quilt. Or you could say an X pattern – depends on how you look at it! I always like the look of diamond patterns showing up in a quilt.

Streak of Lightening Quilt Diamond Layout

On Point Layout:

This is a striking design that reminds me of those Japanese lantern patterns I’ve seen in magazines. This is an especially good layout when you don’t have a lot of blocks to work with. You could put some cute embroidery or applique blocks in place of the plain blocks to make it even more special!

Streak of Lightening Quilt On Point Layout

On Point Layout 2:

Ok, so I think this is my favorite layout. I just like the vertical lines created by putting the blocks on point. It uses up a lot of scraps too!

Streak of Lightening Quilt On Point Layout 2

So which layout is your favorite? If you’ve made a quilt using the Streak of Lightening quilt block, let me know (and share a picture if you have one) in the comments below.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these layout ideas.

Happy Quilting!


3 thoughts on “Streak of Lightening Quilt Layouts

  1. Pat says:

    Thanks for the layout suggestions. I love diamonds!
    I really enjoyed making the Streak of Lightening blocks. It’s a great pattern.
    Thank you

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