Windblown Quilt Block Pattern

Today let’s piece together a Windblown quilt block! It’s been so windy lately, I figured that a tutorial for the Windblown block was in order! This block can be constructed entirely of half-square triangles (HST) – you can find my tutorial for HSTs here: – but I have a different method that makes for fewer seam allowances. Let’s get started!

Fabric Requirements:

Light/White: 16 – 3.5″ squares

Dark/Black: 8 – 3.5″ x 6.5″ rectangles

Windblown Quilt Block


Draw a diagonal line on the back of all of the 3.5″ Light squares.

Windblown 2

Make 4 Flying Geese units using 4 of the 3.5″ x 6.5″ Dark rectangles and 8 of the 3.5″ Light squares. You can find my tutorial on Flying Geese units at:

Windblown 3


Because this Flying Geese unit is large, you can sew a second seam about 1/2″ from the marked diagonal line in the seam allowance. The second picture of the back makes it a little easier to see the seam lines. When you trim off the seam allowance, cut in between the 2 seam lines and you get a bonus half-square triangle to use in another project!

Windblown 4 Windblown 5

Here you can see the steps so that you get the little bonus HST.

Windblown 6

Continuing on…

Using the remaining 4 Dark/Black 3.5″ x 6.5″ rectangles and 4 Light/White 3.5″ squares make 4 half Flying Geese units like in the picture above.

Right sides together, lay a 3.5″ Light square on the opposite end of the 3.5″ x 6.5″ Dark rectangle with the diagonal marked line orientated as shown below and sew on the marked line. Basically, you are snowballing opposite corners of the 3.5″ x 6.5″ Dark rectangle. (See my tutorial on Snowball blocks here:

Windblown 7

Match the corners of the square and press. When you match the corners, there is no need to square up your patch.

Windblown 8

Open up the square and trim the seam allowance.

Windblown 9

Turn the corner back. You can get little bonus HSTs with this unit too just like with the Flying Geese units.

Windblown 10

Press the seam allowance of one of the seams toward the Dark fabric as shown in the picture below.

Windblown 11

Repeat the above steps to make a total of 4 of these units.

Windblown 12

Pair up one of each of the units as shown below. Rotate the bottom unit if needed so that your seam allowances will nest nicely – and sew together. Press the seam allowance away from the Flying Geese unit. Repeat to make a total of 4 units.

Windblown 13

Lay out the 4 units you just made as shown in the picture below.

Windblown 14

Sew the units into 2 rows. Matching the points on this step can be tricky – just take your time. If they aren’t perfect, that’s okay! Use the 3 foot rule – if you can’t see the mismatch from 3 feet away, it’s fine!

Windblown 15

Press the seam allowances in opposite directions.

Windblown 16

Sew the two rows together and you’re done!

Windblown 17

I pressed the seam allowance using the twirl/tweak/furl method that I showed in my Four-Patch tutorial here:

Windblown 18

In Conclusion:

While I only used 2 colors in this block, you could use 3 easily – do all the Flying Geese rectangles one color, the diagonal stripe rectangles in another color, and then the light background fabric. I think it would be really pretty as a scrappy quilt too – all dark scraps with one light background fabric. When four of these blocks are sewn together, you get a bonus pinwheel in the center!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this block!

Happy Quilting!


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