Four Patch Log Cabin Quilt Layouts

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I've had a couple of requests for layouts of the Four Patch Log Cabin quilt block that I did a while back. Here are a few different ways you can lay out the blocks. You can find the tutorial for the Four Patch Log Cabin quilt block at:

Regular Layout:

Here is how the quilt would look with every block oriented the same.

Regular layout

Diagonal Stripes Layout:

Here's what it would look like with every other block rotated 180 degrees.

diagonal layout

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Medallion Layout:

If you rotate four blocks so that the dark sides meet in the center, you get a medallion look.

medallion layout

Medallion with Stripes Layout:

In this example, the four center blocks are turned to create a medallion and the rest of the blocks are oriented to form diagonal stripes around the center medallion.

medallion with stripes layout

In Conclusion:

Basically, any layout that you can do with a regular Log Cabin quilt block can be done with the Four Patch Log Cabin quilt block. In my examples, I've only used 16 blocks but I think you can see the possibilities when making a larger quilt.

I hope you've enjoyed these layouts. If you make a quilt with this block, I'd love to see a picture of it!

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