How Did You Get Started Quilting?

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I always am intrigued by how quilters got into this wonderful hobby. Did you start at an early age? Were your mothers and/or grandmothers quilters? Did a TV show spark an interest? A friend?

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In my own case, my mother and both grandmothers were quilters. Of course back then, it was all by hand so it never interested me. I did sew a lot starting at about age 12 and I always saved my scraps from making clothes so I could make a quilt "someday" (Lol!). My first quilt I started in my mid-20's but never finished it (decades later I zigzagged the edges and it became a dog bed - Rex loved it)! For the next 20 years or so, I made a few quilts - nothing spectacular. 

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During the summer of 2005 while helping my mom clear out boxes in her garage, I ran across a bunch of hand-embroidered squares made by ladies from the rural community (Silver Star) where my mom grew up. I snuck them home with the idea that I would make a quilt for my mom for Christmas. It turned out to be quite the ordeal to put them together as none of the blocks were the same size but there were enough plain squares to use to fill in the missing parts! Sadly, my mom passed away before the quilt was finished but we draped the top over her casket. 

After my mom passed, I began piecing like a mad woman - I guess it was part of my grieving process - and I became hooked. But I either tied the quilts or used my domestic machine to quilt and I was never happy with the results. Then I saw a PBS program on longarm quilting (I believe it was a Linda Taylor program) and knew that I wanted to do that. About the same time, I joined a group of wonderful women who taught me so much about quilting. As they say, the rest is history.

So let me know how you got started in this wild and wacky world of cutting up perfectly good fabric and sewing it back together. I'd love to hear from you!

Happy Quilting!


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  • Well I’ve sewed all my children’s clothing as babies, then learn crochet. My mom took a class in Upstate NY and I was in Florida. My dad passed and mom moved to be by me. Her Co-worker started a friendship quilt with mom & me. I loved it! I only hand quilt as I want traditional methods of years passed. Longarm is great but not affordable as I don’t sell my quilts. Sewing was hard on my hands and shoulders. Baby quilts are machine sewed because they get used and washed so often. All my quilts are batted with 100% cotton non flammable flannel. I now am learning weaving and it’s a challenge but liking it. Quilting are the fabrics of our lives and weaving is the fabric. I hope my story inspires others to try something new and enjoy your quilts. Use them as well. As I’ve always said quilts are to be used fabric is made to enjoy.

    Beverly Jacksonville Florida on
  • I have only quilted for about 5 years. I have sewn a lot all my life but did not want to get into quilting as it seemed to tedious. My twin sister and my twin daughters all quilted but it wasn’t until my sister’s son was deployed to Kosovo and she sent her son a quilt. Of course all the other troops wanted one so she decided she was going to make 40 “Quilts of Valor” quilts for each of them. I told her she couldn’t do it alone so I offered to help. We requested help from everyone we knew and we got help. Great help and even from total strangers to us. It ended up we only needed 28 due to changes in personnel but we finished 32 and my nephew gave them to other soldiers. That’s what got me into quilting and MAN, what an addiction but I love it. No one in the family had quilted before this.

    Suzanne Fulkrod on
  • I got a big binder full of quilt patterns and templates when I was 18. My mom wanted an odd colour quilt but couldn’t find one so I ended up pulling out my book and making her a quilt at 20. I then made my niece a quilt a couple of years later. I got back into it a year ago when I finished a quilt for my nephew. Now I’m knee deep in fabric and loving it!

    Lesley on
  • In 1996 I had a mole removed off my back, it tested positive for skin cancer … stage 4 and Dr. said very rare cancer that would take my life within 1-5 years if any cells were not removed from surgery. It made my daily routine hard to focus so I went to a quilt shop to learn to quilt. I told my story and the ladies helped me and walked me through each step on my first quilt. I have become to love my quilts since and enjoy my fabrics and new patterns.
    When I travel I try to locate the local shops and bring home some samples of my travels. Recently my newest was Alaska ! 🤗

    Ruth on

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