How to Choose the Best Batting for Quilts

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Do you have trouble figuring out how to choose the best batting for your quilts? This helpful guide from the Schenck Guru is for you! Click this link to get the PDF: Batting Guide

While the guide doesn’t get into specific brands of batting, it does show the different types, their fiber content, and characteristics. 

As you experiment with different types and brands of batting, you will probably find several that will become your favorites. For instance, if you like that crinkled, old-fashioned look, you will probably like cotton and cotton blends because they shrink a little. If you like a poofy look, a high-loft and good quality polyester batting is probably going to be your favorite. 

While I’m a Warm & Natural girl, I do use polyester at times – like for wall hangings or when I want a smoother look to the quilt. Also, polyester is supposed to be warmer than cotton but I’m not convinced yet. I also like Quilter’s Dream and Katahdin cotton battings mainly because you can buy them in different weights (summer, autumn, and winter) and they are soooo soft.

Personally, I haven’t tried the silk or bamboo battings (I look at the price and decide cotton is great!). I have seen finished quilts that used the silk batting – the quilts draped beautifully! I know lots of quilters who love wool batting and it will keep you nice and toasty on winter nights. 

All the different battings have advantages and disadvantages. I hope the Batting Guide will help you choose the best batting for your quilt project!

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