Vintage Quilt - Blazing Star or LeMoyne Star?

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Awhile back, I asked if anyone had a traditional quilt that they wanted to share ( My friend and collaborator, Brenda, shared a picture of this awesome quilt with me.

blazing star

Here is the story behind the quilt:

"I inherited this quilt top from my husband’s family. I took it to a lady to quilt because I hadn’t learned how to quilt yet. I told her this was a vintage quilt and she said that she could tell that. I said that I knew the printed material was from flour sacks. Bright colors were used for girls dresses and darker colors were used to make boys shirts. She added that it was probably made about the 1920-30s. Also the cream material came from sugar sacks that was used to make underwear. It was hand pieced by my husband’s aunts who I knew. But I didn’t come into possession of the quilt top until years after they died. It is a wonderful story that I got to write the final chapter." Brenda

So I did some digging and came up with two names for the block - Blazing Star and LeMoyne Star. Not much other information on it. A traditional LeMoyne Star is an eight-pointed star made with diamond shapes (not to be confused with the eight-pointed star made with half-square triangles that goes by the same name!) and that is the center star of the block. When I researched Blazing Star, I found lots of blocks that aren't at all like this block. So I'm going to call the block Brenda's Star.

Here is a diagram of the block itself.

lemoyne star 

I love how the Brenda's Star blocks create a circular design when put together in the quilt. This is definitely a more advanced block than what I usually do for tutorials but I hope to get a tutorial of this block done in the future. So stayed tuned!

Update: Here's the tutorial for my version of this block:

Happy Quilting!


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