Whirlwind Quilt Block Update

Posted by Elaine Huff on

So I did a blooper on the original Whirlwind Quilt Block tutorial! (https://fabric406.com/blogs/fabric406-blog/free-pattern-whirlwind-quilt-block) A couple of viewers let me know that when putting blocks together, the seams didn't line up. I checked it out and, yep sure enough, the seams were off. But I figured out what went wrong and here's a picture to prove it!

whirlwind 2

The error I made is in the size of the Light fabric patches/strips and, consequently, the size of the unfinished block. In the First Method, the Light strip should be 4" instead of 3.5". In the Second Method, the size of the Light square should be 6" instead of 5.5". The unfinished size of the block should be 9" square (and 8.5" finished). 

I sincerely apologize for these mistakes and hope you didn't get discouraged if you tried sewing the Whirlwind quilt block.

Happy Quilting!



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