Friendship Quilt Block Layouts

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Recently, several readers have asked for layout options/fabric requirements for a few blocks. Here is the first - the Friendship quilt block. You can find my tutorial for the Friendship quilt block at

Friendship Quilt Block Layout with Chain Block

friendship quilt block layout with chain block 

In this layout option using 12" finished blocks, the quilt will measure 68" x 68" - a nice sized throw. The Friendship block is alternated with the 6-Grid Chain block (tutorial at and creates a lovely chain design. The first and third border are 1" wide finished and the second border is 2" wide finished.

Fabric Requirements for the Friendship and 6-Grid Chain Quilt:

  • Background/White: 2+5/8 yards (includes border)
  • Medium/Peach: 1+3/8 yards (Friendship block)
  • Dark1/Red: 3/4 yard (Friendship block)
  • Dark 2/Teal: 1+1/4 yards (6-Grid Chain block & borders)
  • Dark 3/Rust: 3/8 yard (6-Grid Chain block)

Friendship Block and 6-Grid Chain Block and Sashing

friendship and chain and sashing layout

In this example, the layout is the same as the first but we've added in sashing and cornerstones. This adds more background color and makes for a cleaner looking quilt. This quilt will finish at 52" x 52".

Fabric Requirements for a Friendship and Chain with Sashing Layout:

  • Background/White: 2+1/4 yards (includes borders)
  • Medium/Peach: 3/8 yard (Friendship block)
  • Dark 1/Red: 3/8 yard (Friendship block)
  • Dark 2/Teal: 3/4 yard (Chain block, cornerstones and border)
  • Dark 3/Rust: 1/4 yard (Chain block and cornerstones)

Friendship Block with Sashing and Cornerstones

friendship with cornerstones

In this layout, we've simply added sashing and cornerstones and created a completely different look. Both borders are 2" wide finished and the quilt finishes at 62" x 62".

Fabric Requirements for Friendship Quilt with Sashing:

  • Background/White: 2+5/8 yards (includes sashing and border)
  • Medium/Peach: 3/4 yard
  • Dark/Red: 1+5/8 yards (includes cornerstones and border)


The fabric requirements I have listed here are from the quilting design program I use. They are usually right or a bit more than needed. 

While I like all of these layouts, I particularly like the second one. Which one is your favorite?

I hope you've enjoyed this Friendship quilt block layouts blog post!

Happy Quilting!


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