Friendship Star Quilt Layouts

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I’ve had a couple of requests to show what the blocks in the tutorials look like put into a quilt. While I don’t have time to make a whole bunch of quilts, I can draw them up in EQ and provide you with some different layouts options. Here are some options for the Friendship Star block - you can find my tutorial for the Friendship Star quilt block here -

Plain Jane

Here’s a Plain Jane version of the Friendship Star block. This would look great as a scrappy quilt. The stars seem to “float” on the background.

friendship star layout 1

Sashed Style

Here’s what a sashed version of the Plain Jane Friendship Star quilt would look like. It adds more interest and frames each of the stars. This would make a nice memory quilt where the center of the stars would be where people could sign their names – after all it is a “friendship” star block!

friendship star sashed quilt

Chained Version

Here’s a layout where every other block is a chain block. There are lots of different chain blocks that you could use – even a Nine-Patch block would work! I especially like this layout.

friendship star chained layout

This is just a small sampling of how you can use a Friendship Star block in a quilt. Have you used this block in a quilt? Let me know and/or send a picture of it!

Happy Quilting!


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