30 + Easy Quilt Block Tutorials for the Beginning Quilter

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Here's a list (with links) of over 30 easy quilt blocks. So whether you're a beginning or experienced quilter, the list will provide creative inspiration. Many of the tutorials also have layout options at the end of the post.

The criteria for making the list was that they could only use squares, rectangles, and half square triangles in their construction. I hope you enjoy them!

Beggar's Block

beggars block tutorial

The Beggar's Block (or Roman Square or Cats and Mice) is a very easy quilt block. With only rectangles and a square, the block goes together so quickly! While it is simple, there are many ways to change it up to create completely different looks. I especially like it as a scrappy block!


spruce tutorial

Here's a tutorial for a scrappy pine tree quilt block that I'm calling Spruce. This is a large (20" x 20") block that will be great for a holiday wall hanging or pillow. With only Half Square Triangles, squares and strips the Spruce block is easy to construct! So dig into your scrap stash and let's get sewing!

Diamond Panes

diamond pane tutorial

I ran across this easy quilt block and thought it would make a great beginner-friendly tutorial. The Diamond Panes block by Nancy Cabot is similar to ones you find when doing a search but this version has fewer seams and creates a different design when sewn into a quilt. I have lots of layout suggestions at the end of the tutorial. Let's get sewing!

Alabama Variation

alabama variation tutorial

This version of the Alabama Quilt Block is great as an alternating chain block and also creates a lovely quilt all on its own. The block is quick and easy to do with only square and rectangle pieces, making it a beginner-friendly quilt block. I found several variations of the block online and I'll have some pictures at the end of this post to show you what they look like. Let's get sewing!

Edna's Choice

ednas choice tutorial

The Edna's Choice quilt block is so quick and easy to sew together to create a lovely quilt. Made with only squares and rectangles it's a great way to use up those leftover 2.5" strips in a scrappy quilt! 

Corn and Beans (or Northwind)

corn and beans quilt block

Today let's take a look at the Corn and Beans quilt block. This easy, beginner-friendly block also goes by the name of Northwind. The block uses only half square triangles and squares, can be scrappy, and has lots of layout options that I'll show you at the end of the tutorial.

Lost Ships

lost ships

Today let's create this traditional Lost Ships quilt block. There are similar quilt blocks that are also called Lost Ships but I chose this one for the tutorial. Plus it's super easy to put together with only Half Square Triangles.


georgie quilt block

Let's sew together this easy block. The Georgia quilt block is a traditional design that was published in Hearth & Home, a crafting magazine, and later in Workbasket as the State of Georgia block in 1935. This block is beginner-friendly and super easy to create, making it an excellent choice for those new to quilting or looking for a quick and simple project. 

Chain and Knots Variation

chain and knot

Today let's sew together this easy, beginner-friendly variation of the Chain and Knots quilt block. Typically, I use this type of block alternating with a more complicated block but it can be used all on its own in a quick and easy quilt.



Today let's look at this classic quilt block called Watermill that was originally published in Grandmother Clark's Patchwork Quilt Designs circa 1930. This easy block traditionally is made with just a light and a dark fabric but I had to change it up a bit. It also looks great as a scrappy block!

Broken Dishes

broken dishes

Today let's piece together this scrappy version of the easy Broken Dishes quilt block. The block traditionally is completely done with scraps but looks great with only two colors - just make sure you have a lot of contrast between the colors. 

Split Nine Patch

split nine patch

Today I dug into my scraps to bring you this tutorial for a beginner-friendly, scrappy block called Split Nine Patch. With only Half Square Triangles and squares, the block goes together quickly and has lots of layout options (several are toward the end of the tutorial).

Nine Patch Variation

nine patch variation

This easy block uses just squares and rectangles to create a design that alternates light and dark fabrics for a delightful quilt. While the units can be made like a typical Nine Patch block, I've chosen to eliminate some seams by using rectangles in place of some of the squares. 

Crossroads America

crossroads america quilt block

Today let's look at the Crossroads America quilt block. It has several other names - City Park, Flower Fields, Galaxy, Night Watch, Under Blue Mountain Skies, etc. That's a bunch! The components of the block are easy so let's get started.

Tile Puzzle Variation

tile puzzle

This variation of the Tile Puzzle block makes an awesome looking quilt and is beginner friendly! It uses only squares and half square triangle units to create a complex-looking block.

Wedding Rings

wedding rings

Looking for an alternative to the Double Wedding Ring quilt? Try out this easy Wedding Rings pattern instead using just Half Square Triangles and squares!

Hay's Corner

hays corner

The Hay's Corner uses simple blocks to create a more complex design. Easy, beginner friendly and quick to sew together.



This easy Windmill block is made entirely of Half Square Triangles and squares - super quick! Plus it creates secondary windmills when sewn in a quilt. It reminds me of those big blades on wind turbines that we see popping up all over the country. 



The pattern for a basic little Pinwheel block is so easy and so versatile. It is used in making so many other blocks but is also great on its own. The Pinwheel block also makes a great cornerstone block in borders and sashings.

Picket Fence

picket fence

Today let's sew together a Picket Fence quilt block. This beginner friendly block is really quick to create and can be arranged a number of ways for different looking quilts! There are also several other blocks that go by the same name - just to make it confusing. 

Jacob's Ladder

jacobs ladder

Today let's sew together a 12" Jacob's Ladder quilt block. It's an easy block that has a lot of variations but today we'll look at one of the more basic designs.

Patience Corners

patience corners

Today let's look at the Patience Corners quilt block. This beginner block is super easy with only three sizes of patches, no triangles, and lots of different looks depending on color placement. 

Double Nine Patch

double nine patch

Today let's piece together the Double Nine Patch quilt block. This is an easy but very versatile block - great for the beginner as well as more advanced quilters. It looks good by itself and as an alternating block. In it's scrappy version, the Double Nine Patch is also a great stash buster.



Today let's sew together this easy Railroad quilt block. With only half square triangles and four-patches, this block goes together quickly and easily. I decided to do this block as a scrappy block and I think it turned out great but you could certainly do it with only a light and a dark or medium fabric.

Monkey Wrench

monkey wrench

Today let's look at the Monkey Wrench quilt block. It is an easy and quick block to sew together. The Monkey Wrench block has been around a long time - it was published in the Ohio Farmer in 1898 and was probably around before that! 



Today let's give this quick and easy Continental quilt block a try! With only half square triangles, squares, and rectangles, the Continental goes together in a flash. It's a great traditional star-type block. Typically it's made with just two colors but I had to put my own spin on it. 

Half Square Triangle

half square triangle

The Half-Square Triangle quilt block (also known as HST) is another basic building block for a ton of blocks.

Ribbon Star

ribbon star

Today let's sew together a Ribbon Star quilt block. There are a couple of other blocks that go by the same name but this is the one that first appeared in the Ladies Art Company publication. Traditionally, this block is done with only one color and the background but I had to put my own spin on it. The Ribbon Star is an easy block with only Half Square Triangles and squares. 

Nine Patch

nine patch

The Nine-Patch quilt block is probably the most used block in the quilting world. It is very easy to sew and sooooo many blocks use the nine-patch layout in construction. We'll go over a few different ways to construct the block.

Pinwheel Variation

pinwheel variation

Today let's look at this variation of the Pinwheel quilt block. While there is a basic Pinwheel block in the center, there's a lot more going on! Made entirely of Half Square Triangles, this Pinwheel block is easy too. 

Four Patch

four patch

The Four-Patch quilt block is probably the simplest quilt block to piece together but it can be done in numerous ways and it is the building block (no pun intended!) for so many blocks. 

Strips and Squares

strips and squares

Today let's sew together the Strips and Squares quilt block that Nancy Page first published. I think the pattern has been around a lot longer though due to the number of names it goes by - Hand Weave, Handcraft, Handwoven, Interwoven, Over and Under, to name a few. I can see why it's popular - it's easy and produces a nice interwoven design when blocks are sewn together.



It's just about February so I thought I'd share my favorite Heart Quilt Block. It's an easy block and uses up some of those pink or red scraps I know you have!

Friendship Star Variations

friendship star variations

Today I would like to show you a bunch of variations you can make with the Friendship Star quilt block and other blocks made using just Half Square Triangle units and squares. All of these blocks are easy to put together so they are good beginner blocks. 

Fair and Square

fair and square

Let's sew together a Fair and Square quilt block today! This 12" traditional block appeared in the Kansas City Star and is a fun easy block to put together. 

Single Chain and Knot

single chain and knot

Today we're going to sew together this easy beginner block called the Single Chain and Knot. It is a variation of the Single Irish Chain block and makes a lovely quilt all by itself or you could use it as an alternating block along with a focus block (think Dresden Plate or a pretty applique or embroidery block). The block was designed by Nancy Cabot.



The Shoofly Quilt Block is an easy block to sew and it's been around for a long time. It goes by many other names such as Eight Cornered Box, Fifty Four Forty or Fight, Simplicity, and Hole in the Barn Door. Today I'll show you the Plain Jane version plus a simple variation that totally changes the look.

Churn Dash

churn dash

So today we're going to look at the easy beginner Churn Dash quilt block. I also did a variation that I'll show at the end. This is one of those basic traditional quilt blocks that can be used in many different ways. 

Roman Stripe

roman stripe

The super easy Roman Stripe quilt block can be used by itself or as a component of lots of other blocks. I’ve always called it a Rail Fence block, but I guess the name “Rail Fence” is for blocks that have more than 3 stripes in them – so I guess my fence only has 3 rails in it – lol!

Friendship Star

friendship star

Let’s learn how to sew a simple Friendship Star block. This block is one of my favorite blocks to put together. It goes together fast and its called “Friendship Star”! It’s gotta be good! 


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