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Here’s a last minute Christmas gift I made shortly before Christmas. A simple mug rug using Quiltsmart fusible grid interfacing and Hobbs fusible batting. (I lost my pictures in the original blog post and when I fixed it a couple of pictures are missing.)

christmas hot pad

Fabric Requirements for 2 Mug Rugs:

  • Assorted Prints: 18 - 2" squares
  • Fusible 1" grid interfacing: 2 - 6 x 6 pieces
  • Border: 2 - 1.5" x width of fabric strips
  • Backing: 2 - 8" squares
  • Batting: 2 - 8" squares

Sewing Directions:

Step 1:

First I cut out 18 - 2″ squares and arranged them on the fusible interfacing. I had 1″ grid fusible so that’s what I used and the 2″ squares fit into 4 of the 1″ grids. The fusible makes it easy because the fabric squares are kept in order. Granted a nine-patch is not too tough but every little bit helps to get a project done fast!

Kind of embarrassed on how dirty my ironing board cover looks. I guess that just means it gets used. I might try to wash it and hope it doesn’t shrink!

 christmas mug rug 10

Step 2:

Once you have your fabric patches fused to the interfacing, fold right sides together on one of the dotted fold lines between the fabric squares. It’s important to fold right on the dotted lines! Stitch a true ¼” seam allowance. Stitch all the seams going in one direction on the interfacing section.

Step 3:

Then you need to clip the interfacing between each fabric square to the stitching so seams can be pressed in opposite directions. Press seams in each row in opposite directions.

Step 4:

Now fold and stitch the seams going the other direction. The seams should nest beautifully and all corners should match up. Trim unit to a square.

Step 5:

I decided the nine-patch needed to be a bit bigger so borders are in order. Here I’ve added a top and bottom border using 1.5″ strips.

christmas mug rug 2

Step 6:

Side borders added and the little top is done!

christmas mug rug 3

Step 7:

Next, I cut a backing piece of fabric and a piece of Hobbs fusible batting the same size as the block/top. I like Hobbs fusible batting for projects that I’m going to turn. It is kind of sticky even without being fused. Once the project it washed, the fusible is gone and it is just like Hobbs’ regular batting.

christmas mug rug 4

Step 8:

I then lightly fused the batting to the top and layered the backing on top to make the quilt sandwich. If you have a walking foot, now is the time to switch to it. If you don’t have a walking foot, use lots of pins!

christmas mug rug 5

Step 9:

Since I’m going to turn this little mug rug instead of putting binding on, I needed to leave an opening for turning. Here’s a trick I learned a long time ago for leaving an opening. Start stitching at the edge of the fabric (lock your stitches too) and sew up to the seam line, then pivot 45 degrees and stitch around the mug rug. At the end, repeat the process in reverse. When you turn the little mug rug (or whatever you are making), the seam allowance naturally wants to turn under where it’s supposed to.

christmas mug rug 7

Step 10:

Trim the batting close to your stitching line and trim the corners of top and back.

christmas mug rug 7

Step 11:

Turn the little mug rug right side out, poke out the corners with a stiletto, Purple Thang, or whatever instrument you prefer, fold under the seam allowance at the opening and press the entire mug rug. Here you can see the opening that I will slip stitch closed.

christmas mug rug 8

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Step 12:

All done. Just need to slip stitch the opening closed and do a little stitch in the ditch quilting! I like how it turned out.

christmas mug rug 9

This little mug rug makes a nice last minute Christmas gift! I hope you've enjoyed it!

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Happy Quilting!


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