Last Minute Quilting & Sewing Projects for Christmas

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Wow! It's the week of Thanksgiving! How did that happen? I don't have the next tutorial finished yet but wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and show what I've been sewing and what I've got lined up for sewing before Christmas. Maybe you'll get some last minute inspiration!

First off, a good friend requested new potholders because the ones I made for her years ago are on their last legs. I used one of the patterns from the book Pot Holders for All Seasons by Chris Malone but honestly you could use any 8" or 9" block to make a potholder. I have bunches of blocks from the tutorials - all I'd have to do is make another one that matches so I get a pair.

pot holder book

I use Warm Windows for the batting (because I have it and it works really well) but Insul-Bright is a good option too. Just don't use either of those options if you ever plan to put the potholder in the microwave! Stick with 100% cotton batting for microwaving.

I'm also planning to make fabric bowls and napkins. I found this Youtube video tutorial that I think is the easiest I found for fabric bowls. It's a ByAnnie and Fat Quarter Shop video. Plus they use Soft and Stable and I happen to have package of that. The tutorial uses 10" squares but I'll figure out larger sizes. I'll let you know how they turn out!

UPDATE: They turned out great! Of course I forgot to take pictures before mailing them. Here's a link to a PDF that shows two more sizes: Soft and Stable Boxes

projects photo

Of course microwave bowl holders are always a good option for last minute holiday sewing. There are lots of Youtube tutorials for these.

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This time of year is also a great time to reflect on the things that you feel grateful for. I'm so thankful for all the support you and others have given me this year - thank you!

Happy Quilting,

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