How to Make This Sampler Quilt - a Free Tutorial

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When I shared this Sampler quilt with my email list, they wanted to know which blocks I used. So this tutorial will go through each of the 12 blocks and the sashing and borders. (Please excuse the less-than-perfect picture of the finished top as I'm working in a temporary sewing room and it's been too rainy to get an outside picture.)

sampler quilt

You'll notice that some of the following tutorials are for 9" blocks instead of 12". I "reimagined" these smaller blocks and have a link to that tutorial at the end.

We're going to start with the top row and work from left to right.

Castle Tower

This is one I reimagined.

castle tower quilt top

Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune tutorial

Strips and Squares

This block was also reimagined.

strips and squares block


starshadow quilt block

Card Basket

Another one that got reimagined.

card basket block

Merry Kite

merry kite quilt block


Another one that got reimagined.

cobwebs quilt block

Pinwheels and Sawtooth

pinwheels and sawtooth quilt block


This one got changed up as well.

poinsettia quilt block

newsletter signup


hopscotch quilt block

Eight Pointed Star

Another block that got reimagined.

eight pointed star quilt block


Here's another one that got reimagined.

continental quilt block

And here's a link to the blog post where I showed how I reimagined those blocks that weren't fitting in.

Reimagined Blocks Tutorial

reimagined blocks


Sashing and Cornerstones:

After much consternation I settled on doing a basic 2" wide sashing with cornerstones. 

  • Sashing (Cream): 17 - 2.5" x 12.5" rectangles
  • Cornerstones (Green): 6 - 2.5" squares


  • Inner Border (Cream): 5 - 2.5" x width of fabric strips
  • Outer Border (Assorted Prints): 220 - 2.5" squares

I cut up a bunch of 2.5" squares from the scraps from these blocks. 220 to be exact. From there I sewed together two Two Patch units and the rest became Four Patch blocks.

For each of the side borders, you'll need 14 Four Patch blocks and one Two Patch unit. Simply sew them into long strips and sew to the left and right side of the quilt top. Press the seam allowance toward the Inner Border.

For the top and bottom borders, you'll use 13 Four Patch blocks in each strip. And then sew the strips to the top and bottom of the quilt top. Press the seam allowance toward the Inner Border.


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Happy Quilting!


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