20 + of the Best Pinwheel Quilt Block Patterns

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Here are more than 20 of our most popular pinwheel quilt block patterns to help inspire you to create your next quilt!

rangers pride quilt block

The pinwheel is one of the most basic of quilt blocks but can be interpreted in so many ways. Below you will find a wide selection of pinwheel quilts patterns - from easy to complex - in no particular order. Enjoy!

Basic Pinwheel:

basic pinwheel

The pattern for a basic little Pinwheel block is so easy and so versatile. It is used in making so many other blocks but is also great on its own. The Pinwheel block also makes a great cornerstone block in borders and sashings.

Pinwheel Variation:

pinwheel variation

Today let's look at this variation of the Pinwheel quilt block. While there is a basic Pinwheel block in the center, there's a lot more going on! Made entirely of Half Square Triangles, this Pinwheel block is easy too. At the end I also show a few ways to lay out Half Square Triangles for other blocks. Let's get sewing!

Pinwheel Variation 2:

pinwheel variation 2

I found another variation of a Pinwheel block that I think is interesting. It is fairly easy and quick to sew together. It reminds me of the Duck Tracks block I did a tutorial for awhile back. Let's get started!

Pinwheel Star:

pinwheel star

Today we're going to put together a traditional Pinwheel Star Quilt Block! It starts out with an on-point pinwheel quilt block, add some triangles and finish with Flying Geese units. It's lovely block - let's get started!

Ranger's Pride:

ranger's pride

Today we're going to learn how to sew a Ranger's Pride quilt block! This block is not hard to put together with a simple Pinwheel block in the center and a border that's applied using partial seam construction. There's an added bonus when you put the blocks together too (more on that later). 

Contrary Wife:

contrary wife

Today let's look at the Contrary Wife quilt block. Now the one I'm going to show you how to sew is not the Contrary Wife block that shows up on the first page of Google if you do a search for it. In fact, there are several quilt blocks called Contrary Wife and I'll probably be doing tutorials on them in the near future. It's a fairly easy block with only Half Square Triangles, squares, and rectangles. 

Weathervane Variation:

weathervane variation

Today we're going to piece together this traditional Weathervane Variation quilt block. What makes this Weathervane quilt block different is the pinwheel in the middle! Not hard to do - just squares and Flying Geese units - so let's get started!

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Silver Lane:

silver lane

Today let's look at the traditional Silver Lane quilt block. The traditional coloring is with four shades of one color plus the light background but I decided to throw a purple print in the mix. While it looks complicated, it's not that difficult with only Flying Geese and Half-Square Triangles to construct. 

Square Within Squares:

square within squares

Today let's sew together a Square Within Squares quilt block. This is not the same as the basic Square in a Square block but some of the components are the same. It is a fairly easy block to complete so let's get started!



Today let's take a look at the traditional quilt block called Housewife. Maybe we should rename it "Work from Home (for no pay)" to keep up with the times! LOL! Anyway, the block has a lovely pinwheel in the center and flying geese around the outside edge.

Diamond Star:

diamond star

Today let's look at the Diamond Star quilt block. There are other blocks out there that go by the same name but this is the one published by Aunt Martha Studios. Traditionally, the block uses three colors plus the background but, once again, I had to add in another color. 



This traditional quilt block called Seesaw is a great beginner quilt block. It only uses four different fabrics and goes together fast! 

Windmill 2:


This easy Windmill block is made entirely of Half Square Triangles and squares - super quick! Plus it creates secondary windmills when sewn in a quilt. It reminds me of those big blades on wind turbines that we see popping up all over the country. There are some layout ideas toward the end of the tutorial so you can see what this Windmill block looks like in a quilt.



This 8″ Windmill Quilt Block is similar to the Pinwheel block but with an extra zip to it. Let’s sew one together today. First I’m going to show the traditional way of constructing this block. Then at the end I’ll have another way for you to sew it together.

Betty's Delight:

bettys delight

Today I'd like to show you how to create a Betty's Delight quilt block without any Y-seams. This traditional block is great for a scrappy quilt too! At the end I'll show some different block layout options too.

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Straw Flowers:

straw flowers

Today let's create a Straw Flowers quilt block! It's a lovely, old fashioned block that still looks great in today's fabrics.

Old Grey Goose:

old grey goose

Today let's look at this scrappy quilt block called Old Grey Goose. It is pretty easy to put together and is a great way to use up those scraps you've been saving! Additionally, I have an alternate method for completing this block that I'll show you at the end. 

Dutchman's Puzzle:

dutchmans puzzle

It is a very old, very traditional pattern and, of course, goes by several other names. It appeared in the Ohio Farmer in 1894 as the "Wheel" and again in 1898 as the "Dutchman's Wheel". The Ladies Art Company called it "Dutchman's Puzzle" and that is what I believe is the most commonly used name for this block. This block is great for practicing Flying Geese blocks.



So the Hopscotch quilt block I'm going to show you today is nothing like the ones I find in a Google search. This one was first published in the Kansas City Star many years ago. I've been intrigued with this block but it has quite a few patches, seams, etc. so we'll see how I do!?!

Flying Dutchman:

flying dutchman

Today let's sew together a Flying Dutchman quilt block. The Flying Dutchman block is a variation of the Dutchman's Puzzle block. It is composed of four Flying Geese units, four Hourglass units, and four rectangles so not very difficult and it makes an interesting design.

Pinwheel Mosaic:

pinwheel mosaic quilt block

Let's take a look at this variation of a mosaic block that I'm calling Pinwheel Mosaic. With only half square triangles and flying geese, the block goes together quickly. 

Brenda's Star:

brendas star quilt block

This variation of the Pinwheel Star block uses flying geese, half square triangles and squares to create a center star with partial stars around it. While it has a lot of pieces, it's easier to sew together than the traditional block.

Pinwheels and Sawtooth:

pinwheels and sawtooth quilt block

Today let's sew together the Pinwheels and Sawtooth quilt block! With only Half Square Triangles, it goes together quick and easy. Traditionally, this block is only made with two colors and a light background, but as usual I had to be a bit different. I think the extra color adds more interest to the block.

Two Color:

two color quilt block

I'm not sure why this block is called Two Color. The example I saw used three colors plus a background! Perhaps it is referring to the two colors for the star points. It is a lovely star and pinwheel design. I suppose you could make it with only two colors but I think it's prettier with the four colors. It's not too difficult either so let's get sewing!

Lattice Star:

lattice star quilt block

This scrappy Lattice Star block has a pinwheel in the middle. Plus it creates a wonderful secondary design when made into a quilt! Let's get started!


poinsettia quilt block

 This easy Poinsettia block goes together quickly. It's great for a Christmas project or two! If you can snowball a corner, you're good to go! Let's get started.

Electric Fan

electric fan quilt block

The Electric Fan block which reminds me of an old-fashioned fan. This variation of a Pinwheel block uses three colors and is made entirely of Hourglass units! It's quick and easy to sew together!

All Hallows

all hallows quilt block

This traditional star block makes a beautiful secondary Pinwheel design when multiple blocks are sewn together. It uses only Half Square TrianglesSquare in a Square and Flying Geese units to construct but there are a lot of points to match up! 

Bonnie Scotland

bonnie scotland quilt block

The Bonnie Scotland quilt block is so fun and fast to sew together! The pattern creates a pinwheel and/or windmill design by itself but when multiple blocks are sewn together, another pinwheel appears! Let's get sewing!

I hope you've enjoyed this roundup of pinwheel block patterns. I'll be adding to this post whenever I make another tutorial for a block with a pinwheel in it.

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Happy Quilting!


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