30 + of the Best Star Quilt Block Patterns

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Here are more than 30 of our most popular star quilt block patterns to help inspire you to create your next quilt! 

Star blocks are always a favorite of quilters (and me!). I guess all those pointy points just speak to us. Below you will find a wide selection of star quilt patterns - from easy to complex - in no particular order. Enjoy!

Swamp Angel

swamp angel quilt block
The Swamp Angel quilt block, a striking star pattern, uses only Hourglass, Half Square Triangles, and squares, making it a straightforward yet visually dynamic addition to any quilt. The interplay of these simple shapes forms a harmonious star motif, echoing the strength and precision of its historical namesake.

Lone Star

lone star quilt block
Today let's take a look at this Lone Star quilt block. This block's creation is attributed to Alice Brooks, a name created by a New York needlework syndicate called Old Chelsea Station (among several other names). It is not the traditional quilt pattern that I associate with Lone Star but it is an easy and fun block.

Quartered Star

quartered star quilt block

Let's take a look at the traditional Quartered Star quilt block today. It is a super easy block that is made entirely of half square triangles and squares and goes together quickly. The block also creates a beautiful lattice pattern when made into a quilt. Scrappy or planned, the Quartered Star is a great block for beginners and experienced quilters!

Boxed Star

boxed star tutorial

Let's take a look at this Boxed Star quilt block that is inspired by the Box Quilt block tutorial I did recently. It is an easy, beginner-friendly block that can be colored and/or arranged in a variety of ways so you can make a quilt that is uniquely your own - even scrappy! Read on to learn the simple steps to create this lovely block.

Box Quilt

box quilt tutorial

Let's sew up this traditional Box Quilt block today. It is beginner-friendly and you could dig into your stash and/or scraps to make a beautiful quilt. This pattern is a little different than other Box Quilt blocks you can find online and is attributed to Nancy Page. Personally, I think the name "Boxed Star" would be a better description!


starburst quilt block tutorial

This gorgeous star quilt block is a delight for the eyes! The large 16" Starburst block also makes a wonderful secondary design when made into a quilt. I'll break down each part of the block into doable steps so you can successfully sew the block together.

Sandhills Star


sandhills star tutorial


The Sandhills Star quilt block, steeped in tradition and sometimes referred to as the "Blossoming Cactus" block, was first published in the Kansas City Star. Your color placement can change the entire look of the block so you can create a quilt that is uniquely your own. Let's take a look at how to construct this beautiful block!

All Hallows


all hallows tutorial


Let's take a look at how to sew the All Hallows quilt block. This traditional star block makes a beautiful secondary Pinwheel design when multiple blocks are sewn together. It uses only Half Square TrianglesSquare in a Square and Flying Geese units to construct but there are a lot of points to match up! Originally it is made with only three colors but I had to add in two more to really get the secondary design to pop. Let's get started!

Blueberry Pie


blueberry pie tutorial


Today let's learn how to piece this lovely star block called Blueberry Pie. With a name like that, what's not to love! It is made with Half Square Triangles, Flying Geese, and squares and I'll walk you through each step for a successful finish. Plus, for some inspiration, there are layout suggestions at the end. Let's get started!

Green Mountain Star


green mountain star


The Green Mountain Star quilt is a lovely large quilt block that makes for a beautiful quilt. Also known as Aunt Mary's Star the block uses snowballed rectangles, Hourglass and Flying Geese patches and goes together quickly! Since the block is large, you don't need to make too many blocks for a quilt top! Plus I'll show you some layout ideas. 

Star Geese

star geese quilt block

Let's take a look at my variation of the traditional Star Geese quilt block. The original is a nice block (I'll post a picture later in the tutorial) but I really like how this one looks in a quilt. We're going to be doing a bit of paper piecing but it's an easy unit to do.

Square in a Star


square in a star tutorial


This block is take off of the State Fair block I did a few weeks ago. With just a small change, another star was formed! This will be paired with another alternating block that will be the next tutorial. Let's check out what I'm calling the Square in a Star quilt block!

State Fair


state fair quilt block


Let's look at this lovely star quilt block called State Fair Block. There are several blocks that go by the same name but we'll look at this older one. Traditionally, it is paired with another block which will become my next tutorial.

Columbian Star

columbian star quilt block

Today let's learn how to piece this beautiful Columbian Star quilt block. The block was first published by the Ladies Art Company - a company that was formed in 1889 and was the first to publish a catalog of quilt patterns with names. So that makes this star block a classic!


kaleidoscope quilt block

Today let's look at the Kaleidoscope quilt block designed by Nancy Page. This block is not at all like the more modern blocks by the same name. It's a large pretty block that makes a secondary star pattern when multiple blocks are sewn together.

Arrow Crown

arrow crown quilt block
Today let's take a look at the traditional Arrow Crown quilt block. This classic block uses Hourglass, Half-Square Triangles and Flying Geese to make a stunning block. Part weathervane, part star, part square in a square, it really is lovely!

Crowned Star Variation

crowned star variation quilt block
Let's sew together this variation of the Crowned Star quilt block. It is a very pretty traditional block that uses half-square triangles, modified flying geese, and snowball units. The original block appeared in Stitch 'n Sew Quilts but I altered the block a bit to make it easier to piece. Let's get sewing!

Eight Pointed Star

eight pointed star tutorial
This variation of an Eight Pointed Star quilt block goes together quickly and makes a nice secondary design in a quilt. Lots of star blocks are called Eight Pointed Star - this one could be considered a variation of the Ohio Star block as well.

Variable Star

variable star tutorial

Today let's look at this easy Variable Star. First off - it goes by a ton of different names: Happy Home, Star of Virginia, Henry of the West, Star of Hope, Flying Crow to name a few! There are several coloring differences but the basic construction is the same on all of them. I chose this coloring with a dark in the corners and center and a medium and light to make the star points which is the Variable Star and Happy Home. 


domino tutorial

This Domino quilt block is so easy to put together. It uses only squares and modified flying geese units and sews up quick! I've made my block scrappy but it also looks great in a planned color scheme. 

Brenda's Star

brendas star tutorial

This variation of the Pinwheel Star block uses flying geese, half square triangles and squares to create a center star with partial stars around it. While it has a lot of pieces, it's easier to sew together than the traditional block.


starshadow tutorial

Let's look at this cute star block called Starshadow. It is fairly easy to sew together - just lots of pieces! This block first appeared in the Quilter's Newsletter publication and is a lovely traditional block. Let's get sewing!

Nine Patch Star

nine patch star tutorial

Today let's learn how to make this easy traditional block called Nine Patch Star. The beauty of this block is the star that appears when it's made into a quilt! Let's get sewing!

County Fair

county fair tutorial

Today let's sew together this pretty star block called County Fair. It only uses half square triangles and snowballed corners (and squares) so it goes together fairly easily! It is similar to the Two Color and the Right Hand of Fellowship blocks. Let's get started!

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honeymoon quilt block

The Honeymoon quilt block is a fun star block to sew together and it is easier than you might think. With only Half Square Triangles, Hourglass units, and squares, it goes together quickly!

Indian Puzzle Quilt Block

indian puzzle quilt block

Today let's take a look at the Indian Puzzle quilt block. This three-color traditional block uses Flying Geese, Square in a Square and Half Square Triangles to form a very interesting block. At the end I show what happens when you change up the color placement and values.

Ribbon Star Quilt Block

ribbon star quilt block
Let's sew together this Ribbon Star quilt block. With only two colors and easy piecing, this Ribbon Star goes together fast and looks great! I've included fabric requirements for a 13.5" finished block and a 9" finished block. 

Rolling Star Quilt Block

rolling star quilt block
This Rolling Star quilt block is an easy block to piece together. If you can snowball a corner, you're good to go on this block!

Love in a Mist Quilt Block

love in a mist quilt block
The Love in a Mist quilt block is an easy block for beginners with only Half Square Triangles, Square in a Square, and square patches. This traditional style block was originally done with only a light and a dark or medium colored fabric. I had to do my own thing so I added in another color.

Continental Quilt Block

continental quilt block
With only half square triangles, squares, and rectangles, the Continental goes together in a flash. It's a great traditional star-type block. It also makes an interesting design between blocks when sewn into a quilt.

Cats and Mice Quilt Block

cats and mice quilt block
The Cats and Mice quilt block was published in the Ladies Art Company publication. This traditional quilt block was originally done with only a light and a dark fabric but you know me, I had to add in a medium. It's an easy block that goes together quick.

Broken Window Quilt Block

broken window
The Broken Window quilt block was published in the Kansas City Star publication. Once again, there are other blocks out there called Broken Window - that's just the way it is. This block isn't very difficult - if you can do Half Square Triangles and Flying Geese, you're good to go! 

Ribbon Star Quilt Block

ribbon star
The Ribbon Star is an easy block with only Half Square Triangles and squares. There are a couple of other blocks that go by the same name but this is the one that first appeared in the Ladies Art Company publication. Traditionally, this block is done with only one color and the background but I had to put my own spin on it. 

Ohio Star Quilt Block

ohio star
The Ohio Star block – maybe you’ve heard of it by a different name like Sawtooth Star, Lone Star – it goes by quite a few names! This is one of the easiest star quilt patterns around and a typical beginner block. Usually the star points and center block are the darker colored fabrics but in my example I’ve made the background fabric the dark color and the star points the light. 

Duck Tracks Quilt Block

duck tracks
The Duck Tracks quilt block is an easy pattern and goes together quickly. I've made my sample with a light background but the pattern looks good with a dark background and lighter fabrics for the star design. This is by far the most popular block on my blog.
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Diamond Star Quilt Block

diamond star
Today let's look at the Diamond Star quilt block. There are other blocks out there that go by the same name but this is the one published by Aunt Martha Studios. Traditionally, the block uses three colors plus the background but, once again, I had to add in another color. The star in the center is made with Half Square Triangles and Square in a Squares instead of diamond shapes so it's quite easy.

Squares and Diamonds Quilt Block

squares and diamonds
The Squares and Diamonds quilt block was first published in the Kansas City Star. The elements of the Squares and Diamonds block can be rearranged to make other blocks (more on that later). Pretty easy to sew with just Half Square Triangles, Hourglasses, and a easy partial seam construction center unit. 

Card Basket Quilt Block

card basket
Let's sew together this traditional Card Basket Quilt Block today! I can't figure out how this translates to a "card basket" but it is a pretty star block. It only has three components (Hourglass, Half Square Triangle, and Square in a Square) and goes together pretty quickly.

Wyoming Valley Quilt Block

wyoming valley
Let's give a nod to my southern neighbors and look at the Wyoming Valley quilt block today. I used the traditional coloring for this 12" finished block - one light, one medium, and one dark fabric. I have seen examples with more than just the three colors and it is lovely that way too.

January Thaw Quilt Block

january thaw
Today we're going to sew together a January Thaw quilt block - I thought the name was appropriate! The January Thaw quilt block is pretty easy with only three basic units (Hourglass, Square in a Square, and a partial Snowball) and it went together fast! 

Christmas Star Quilt Block

christmas star
With Christmas just around the corner, you probably won't have time to make anything with this block this year but why not get a head start on next year! This traditional Christmas Star quilt block that I'll be demonstrating in this tutorial is attributed to the Kansas City Star. 

Morning Star Quilt Block

morning star quilt block 2
Today let's look at another Morning Star quilt block. I have a tutorial on a different Morning Star block (which you can find here: https://fabric406.com/blogs/fabric406-blog/free-quilt-block-pattern-morning-star) and a quick Google search showed at least two more blocks with the same name. Confusing, right? But it's a lovely star quilt pattern and makes a diamond shape where multiple blocks intersect.

Chained Star Quilt Block

chained star
The easy Chained Star quilt block was designed by Margaret Huckeby and appeared in the Quilters Newsletter. The block finishes at 12" square and goes together quickly.

Morning Star Quilt Block

morning star quilt block
This traditional quilt block called Morning Star first appeared in the Ladies Art Company publication. It also appeared in Hearth & Home under the name State of Virginia. It's not very hard to piece and is so striking with the banded star design.

Amish Star Quilt Block

amish star block
The Amish Star block is easier to construct than it looks. The design is based on a Nine Patch block with Half Square Triangles, Flying Geese and squares making up the patches. I always think of Amish quilts as being mostly solids but I put my own spin on the block by using prints and making it scrappy. 

Judy's Star Quilt Block

judys star quilt block
So this traditional Judy's Star quilt block is simple but has a nice design with the light star points peeking out from behind the darker one. Judy's Star was designed by Judy Martin (that makes sense). This block goes together quick!

Salem Quilt Block

salem quilt block
The Salem quilt block is another star quilt block but has the interesting chevron design in it. If you can "snowball" corners and sew flying geese blocks, you can make this block! 

Eddystone Light Quilt Block

eddystone light quilt block
Today we're going to look at the traditional quilt block Eddystone Light. I was drawn to this block - was it the star (I'm partial to star blocks) or the outside border? Either way, it's a fun block to do - not super easy but not too difficult either. A very famous lighthouse off the coast of England is called Eddystone Lighthouse. It was the first recorded off-shore lighthouse. Additionally, Eddystone is also used as a metaphor for stability. I can only assume this quilt block was named after the lighthouse. 

Cluster of Stars Quilt Block

cluster of stars quilt block
Today let's sew together this cute Cluster of Stars quilt block! While you could certainly just make little 6" Ohio Star blocks, the method of construction I'm going to show you makes for fewer seams. 

Flight of Fancy Quilt Block

flight of fancy quilt block
Today I'm going to show you how to piece together the traditional quilt block pattern called Flight of Fancy. I really had fun putting this block together and I hope you do too. This star block pattern makes an X or cross design when multiple blocks are sewn together in a quilt. Definitely on my "to do" list!

Pinwheel Star Quilt Block

pinwheel star quilt block
The traditional Pinwheel Star quilt block starts out with an on-point pinwheel quilt block, adds some triangles and finishes with Flying Geese units. It's lovely block.

Union Star Quilt Block

union star block
The Union Star is easier than it looks with that purple diamond design showing up. It is made with Flying Geese, a modified Flying Geese, and Half Square Triangles for a lovely quilt block.

Braced Star Quilt Block

braced star quilt block
The Braced Star is a striking block that gets sewn together on a diagonal grid. While it's not a super easy block, if you take your time, it will turn out wonderful!

Hope of Hartford Quilt Block

hope of hartford quilt block
The Hope of Hartford quilt block uses partial seam construction and finishes at 10″ square. I think it looks like a "chubby" star - lol!

Sister's Choice Quilt Block

sisters choice quilt block
The Sister’s Choice block is easy to sew but with the right color placement, it can be so stunning. When multiple blocks are sewn together, you get a diagonal design in one color and a grid design in the other color.

Wandering Star Quilt Block

wandering star quilt block
This traditional quilt block is a variation of the Friendship Star block. The blue corner pieces will make a nice diamond shape where multiple blocks join together. It's quick and easy - if you can sew together a Half-Square Triangle, you're good to go! 

Friendship Star Quilt Block

friendship star quilt block
This block is one of my favorite blocks to put together. It goes together fast and it's called “Friendship Star”! It’s gotta be good! This tutorial is for a 6″ finished block. I probably should have used a more distinct color than yellow for the star points – oh well – lesson learned!
dutchmans puzzle variation
This interesting variation has a star shape appear in the center, is made almost entirely of Flying Geese units, and uses partial seam construction. Additionally, when multiple blocks are sewn together, a star appears at all the junctions. 
dolly madison star
Let's look at a simple version of the traditional Dolly Madison's Star quilt block. This version is easy to sew together and looks great! The traditional block is very difficult to sew together - lots of triangles inside the star points - so we're going to use the simplified version.
right hand of fellowship
Today let's sew together a Right Hand of Fellowship quilt block. This version is an easier way for you to construct the block than the traditional method. It is quick, easy, and very striking! The coloring is the same as the classic block - just the piecing is different.
braced star variation tutorial
This version of the Braced Star quilt block is quick and easy to create and uses only a light, medium and dark colored fabric. It's construction is based off of the basic Eight Point Star block (also known as the Ohio Star although I use that name for a different block - so confusing!).
blocks and stars quilt block
Today let's look at this traditional quilt block called Blocks and Stars. It is similar to some of the braced star patterns but has the addition of the blocks in the corners. It's an easy design!
rosebud tutorial
Today let's look at this Rosebud quilt block. Other blocks go by the same name but this one first appeared in the publication called Aunt Martha Studios and it is also called Tea Rose. It only used four patches and half square triangles so it goes together quickly!
providence quilt block
This easy method of creating the traditional Providence Quilt block goes together quickly. You'll have a stunning quilt done in no time! 
sunrays tutorial
This Sun Rays block is a lovely, simple block that uses the triangle in a square unit to make the star points. This is a great block to practice on that unit! 
hidden star quilt block
The Hidden Star is quick and easy to sew together. Plus, this charming traditional design can be made with more than three colors to totally change the look!  
crossroads star tutorial
This Crossroads Star variation is easy to sew together. Plus, it creates another star when sewn into a quilt!
lattice star
This scrappy Lattice Star block has a pinwheel in the middle. Plus it creates a wonderful secondary design when made into a quilt!  
keiths star quilt block
This scrappy star block is great for beginners because you can't lose your star points! It is a new and improved variation of a pattern I made a few years ago. It is also a variation of what I call the Ohio Star block.
star pattern quilt block
The Star Pattern block is a variation of the popular Ohio Star block. What makes it fun is the star that forms when blocks are sewn together! Let's check it out!
free trade tutorial
This lovely traditional star-in-a-star quilt block finishes at 16". So you don't need too many blocks to make a quilt! 
two color tutorial
I'm not sure why this block is called Two Color. The example I saw used three colors plus a background! Perhaps it is referring to the two colors for the star points. It is a lovely star and pinwheel design. 
poinsettia tutorial
This easy Poinsettia block goes together quickly. It's great for a Christmas project or two! If you can snowball a corner, you're good to go!
wheel of fortune tutorial
The center of this Wheel of Fortune block is a great place to showcase a special fabric or embroidery design. This version also creates a secondary diamond shape in between blocks. The block also goes by the names Rising Sun, Wheel of Luck, and Buttons and Bows.
I hope you've enjoyed this roundup of star quilt block patterns. I'll be adding to this post whenever I make another tutorial for a star block. There are so many blocks for star quilt patterns, it'll be quite awhile before I run out of ideas!

Stars are my favorite blocks and so many of them make really interesting secondary designs when sewn together. And there are so many options - just changing the color placement can make them seem like an entirely different block. Of course, one can alternate them with another block and get a totally different look as well.

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Happy Quilting!


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