40 + of the Best Free Scrappy Quilt Block Tutorials

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Here are more than 40 of our most popular scrappy quilt block tutorials to help inspire you to create your next quilt! While most quilt blocks can be made scrappy, these look especially nice. 

Below you will find a wide selection of scrappy quilt blocks - from easy to complex - in no particular order. Enjoy!

Quarter Log Cabin

quarter log cabin tutorial

The Quarter Log Cabin (which is also known as the Half Log Cabin) quilt block is a super easy beginner-friendly quilt block. The pattern is great for making scrappy quilts but can make a stunning planned quilt as well. Let's dive in to the basic instructions and then look at several ways you can easily modify the block to create a quilt that is uniquely your own!

Trees in the Park

trees in the park tutorial

The Trees in the Park quilt block stands as a testament to the timeless beauty of this craft. This classic design looks amazingly modern and is a quick and delightful project, offering both the joy of a swift creation and the satisfaction of a striking quilt that captures the essence of tradition in a modern embrace. 

Four Patch Scrappy Heart

four patch scrappy heart quilt block

Today let's create a charming Four Patch Scrappy Heart quilt block that is perfect for a Valentine's Day project. This beginner-friendly tutorial offers a simple yet captivating design, using scrap fabric and straightforward techniques. You can craft this adorable block in three different sizes, providing versatility for your quilting projects. (The 4" size would make really cute mug rugs!) Let's embark on this journey to piece together a heartwarming quilt block!

Beggar's Block

beggars block or roman square block

The Beggar's Block (or Roman Square or Cats and Mice) is a very easy quilt block. With only rectangles and a square, the block goes together so quickly! While it is simple, there are many ways to change it up to create completely different looks. I especially like it as a scrappy block!


spruce tutorial

Here's a tutorial for a scrappy pine tree quilt block that I'm calling Spruce. This is a large (20" x 20") block that will be great for a holiday wall hanging or pillow. With only Half Square Triangles, squares and strips the Spruce block is easy to construct! So dig into your scrap stash and let's get sewing!

Diamond Panes

diamond pane quilt block

I ran across this easy quilt block and thought it would make a great beginner-friendly tutorial. The Diamond Panes block by Nancy Cabot is similar to ones you find when doing a search but this version has fewer seams and creates a different design when sewn into a quilt. I have lots of layout suggestions at the end of the tutorial. Let's get sewing!

Cups and Saucers

cups and saucers quilt block

The Cups and Saucers quilt block is a quick one to sew and makes a stunning quilt. I've chosen to make a scrappy version but it looks great as a two-color block too.

The block was contributed by Mrs. Edward Hendreds to the Kansas City Star in 1936 and was a "revived" pattern meaning it had been around a long time! A true classic! With only half square triangles, flying geese, and squares, it goes together quickly. Let's get sewing!

Carol's Scrap Time Quilt

carol's scrap time quilt block

The Carol's Scrap Time Quilt block is a great way to use up a bunch of scraps and create a beautiful quilt at the same time. It is fairly easy as it uses squares, half square triangles and a modified square in a square block. This is my version of the original quilt block - I'll show what I did different later on in the tutorial.

Sunny Lanes

sunny lanes tutorial

This scrappy version of the Sunny Lanes quilt block  is easy to sew together and creates great graphic interest in a quilt! Plus it uses of a ton of 2" squares. Let's get started!

Courthouse Steps

courthouse steps tutorial

The Courthouse Steps quilt block is similar to sew as the Log Cabin block. It is a bit easier because you can add 2 strips to the block center before having to press and square up the block.

Four Patch Log Cabin

four patch log cabin tutorial

Here’s another quilt block to use up those skinny strips you’ve been saving! The Four Patch Log Cabin quilt block is easy to do and finishes at 10″ square. I’m not sure why it’s called a “four patch”, looks like a sixteen patch to me! I guess it could be 4 four patches in the middle. So let’s get started! 

Old Grey Goose

old grey goose tutorial

Today let's look at this scrappy quilt block called Old Grey Goose. It is pretty easy to put together and is a great way to use up those scraps you've been saving! Additionally, I have an alternate method for completing this block that I'll show you at the end. Let's get sewing!

Scrappy Strips Heart

scrappy strip heart tutorial

Here's an easy block to make for a Valentine's Day project - directions include fabric requirements for two sizes of block - 9" and 12". So dig into your scrap stash and let's get to piecing the Scrappy Strips Heart!

Keith's Star

keiths star tutorial

This scrappy Keith's Star block is great for beginners because you can't lose your star points! It is a new and improved variation of a pattern I made a few years ago. It is also a variation of what I call the Ohio Star block.

Split Nine Patch

split nine patch tutorial

Today I dug into my scraps to bring you this tutorial for a beginner-friendly, scrappy block called Split Nine Patch. With only Half Square Triangles and squares, the block goes together quickly and has lots of layout options (several are toward the end of the tutorial). Let's get sewing!

Scrappy Heart

scrappy heart tutorial

Here's another Valentine's Day quilt project - the Scrappy Heart quilt block. This block is easy and goes together fast. I'm also including fabric requirements for 6", 8", 10" and 12" blocks!

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Edna's Choice

ednas choice tutorial

The Edna's Choice quilt block is so quick and easy to sew together to create a lovely quilt. Made with only squares and rectangles it's a great way to use up those leftover 2.5" strips in a scrappy quilt! I have lots of layout ideas using two colors, three colors and lots of colors toward the end of the post. Let's get started!

Garden Path

garden path tutorial

Today we’ll learn how to sew a Garden Path quilt block together. This block finishes at 12″ square and looks good using one darker color for the focal diamond and scraps for the rest of the colored print patches.

Patience Corners

patience corners tutorial

Let's take a look at the Patience Corners quilt block. This beginner block is super easy with only three sizes of patches, no triangles, and lots of different looks depending on color placement. I'll show some different color and layout options at the end. Let's get started!


domino tutorial

This Domino quilt block is so easy to put together. It uses only squares and modified flying geese units and sews up quick! I've made my block scrappy but it also looks great in a planned color scheme. Let's get started!


heart tutorial

I thought I should share my favorite Heart Quilt Block. It's an easy block and uses up some of those pink or red scraps I know you have! Let's get started! 

Broken Dishes

broken dishes tutorial

Today let's piece together this scrappy version of the easy Broken Dishes quilt block. The block traditionally is completely done with scraps but looks great with only two colors - just make sure you have a lot of contrast between the colors. Let's get sewing!

Roman Stripe

roman stripe block

The super easy Roman Stripe quilt block can be used by itself or as a component of lots of other blocks. I’ve always called it a Rail Fence block, but I guess the name “Rail Fence” is for blocks that have more than 3 stripes in them – so I guess my fence only has 3 rails in it – lol!

Grandmother's Own

grandmothers own tutorial

Today let's take a look at the Grandmother's Own quilt block. This traditional quilt block isn't too difficult - if you can do Flying Geese, you're good to go! There are several ways you could construct this block but I picked the one that has the fewest seams. To see a scrappy version, check out https://fabric406.com/blogs/fabric406-blog/grandmothers-own-quilt-layouts-yardage. Let's get started!

Double Nine Patch

double nine patch tutorial

Let's piece together the Double Nine Patch quilt block today. This is an easy but very versatile block - great for the beginner as well as more advanced quilters. It looks good by itself and as an alternating block. In it's scrappy version, the Double Nine Patch is also a great stash buster. I've included some layout options at the end, so don't forget to check them out. Let's get started!

Mr. Roosevelt's Necktie

mr roosevelts necktie

Here's an easy quilt block that has a lot of color placement interpretations. Plus the Mr. Roosevelt's Necktie makes a very interesting quilt! I have some layout examples at the end (including a scrappy one). Let's jump in!

Log Cabin

log cabin tutorial

Sewing a Log Cabin block is fairly easy – just straight sewing. However, it is important to have an accurate 1/4″ seam allowance. For my example, I’m using 2″ strips and squares, but you can use whatever size you like. Traditionally, half of the strips are lighter and half are darker but I’ve seen gorgeous quilts made with all light tone-on-tone beiges/whites and ones made with only one color – like all your green scraps.

Single Chain and Knot

single chain and knot tutorial

Today we're going to sew together this easy beginner block called the Single Chain and Knot. It is a variation of the Single Irish Chain block and makes a lovely quilt all by itself or you could use it as an alternating block along with a focus block (think Dresden Plate or a pretty applique or embroidery block). The block was designed by Nancy Cabot.

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Mrs. Keller's Nine Patch

mrs kellers nine patch

Mrs. Keller's Nine Patch is a variation of the beloved Nine Patch quilt block. This scrappy version is a stash buster for sure. The traditional design is made with just a light and a dark colored fabric but you could switch it up however you want. Let's get sewing!

Streak of Lightning

streak of lightning

The Streak of Lightning quilt block is a great block for using up those skinnier strips you’ve been saving and finishes at 10″ square! It is similar to a Log Cabin block.

Amish Star

amish star tutorial

The Amish Star block is easier to construct than it looks. The design is based on a Nine Patch block with Half Square Triangles, Flying Geese and squares making up the patches. I always think of Amish quilts as being mostly solids but I put my own spin on the block by using prints and making it scrappy. Let's get started!

Ranger's Pride

rangers pride tutorial

Today we're going to learn how to sew a Ranger's Pride quilt block! This block is easy to put together with a simple Pinwheel block in the center and a border that's applied using partial seam construction. There's an added bonus when you put the blocks together too (more on that later). Let's get started!

Bear Tracks

bear tracks tutorial

We’re going to put together the easy Bear Tracks quilt block today! This is another variation of the traditional Bear Paw block. The Bear Tracks block that we are sewing today uses 4 colored fabrics and a light background fabric. So let’s get started!

Duck's Foot in the Mud

ducks foot in the mud

Welcome to the tutorial on how to make the Duck's Foot in the Mud quilt block! How can you not make this block with a name like that?!? This traditional quilt block goes by many names, including Bear Paw, and is known for its cute and playful design. I will guide you through the process of making a scrappy 13.5-inch block that uses a nine-patch construction method. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced quilter, this tutorial will provide you with the steps and tips you need to create a beautiful and unique quilt block. Let's get started!

Chicago Geese

chicago geese tutorial

The Chicago Geese block is easy and quick to sew together. It's sort of Log Cabin, sort of Flying Geese, and looks very similar to the Wild Goose Chase block. Traditionally, it's made with a background and two colors but...you know me, I had to add more fabrics to the mix! Let's get started!

Easy Log Cabin

log cabin

Today we're going to put together an easy Log Cabin quilt block. The Log Cabin block is a traditional block that has lots of different layout options. Generally half of the block is light and the other half is dark. But you can use contrasting colors - like pink and blue - or even lots of prints but all in one color (think scrappy using all your green scraps). Let's get started!

Uneven Log Cabin

uneven log cabin tutorial

Today let's sew up an Uneven Log Cabin quilt block! This variation (also known as an Off-Center Log Cabin) of the ever-popular log cabin adds a curve by using different width strips. The design adds more interest to quilt layouts and is just as easy as the original.

Cluster of Stars

cluster of stars tutorial

Today let's sew together this cute Cluster of Stars quilt block! While you could certainly just make little 6" Ohio Star blocks, the method of construction I'm going to show you makes for fewer seams. Also, the traditional coloring for this block is to only use two colors - a light and a dark of the same color. But of course I had to do it my way (more on that later) and make it scrappy. Let's do this!

Corn and Beans

corn and beans tutorial

Today let's take a look at the Corn and Beans quilt block. This easy, beginner-friendly block also goes by the name of Northwind. The block uses only half square triangles and squares, can be scrappy, and has lots of layout options that I'll show you at the end of the tutorial.

Fox and Geese

fox and geese tutorial

This Fox and Geese block is a great block to practice making flying geese blocks. It is a good scrappy or planned block that looks wonderful in a quilt! Let's get started!


quatrefoil tutorial

The Quatrefoil quilt block (also called the Quarterfoil block) is a traditional block that is easy to sew together and it makes a beautiful quilt! Typically it is made with just two colors and a background but I had to add more fabrics - this also gives you an idea of how it would look as a scrappy quilt. I've also done some layout options at the end. Let's get sewing!

Lost Ships

lost ships tutorial

Today let's create this traditional Lost Ships quilt block. There are similar quilt blocks that are also called Lost Ships but I chose this one for the tutorial. Plus it's super easy to put together with only Half Square Triangles. Let's dive in!


railroad tutorial

Today let's sew together this easy Railroad quilt block. With only half square triangles and four-patches, this block goes together quickly and easily. I decided to do this block as a scrappy block and I think it turned out great but you could certainly do it with only a light and a dark or medium fabric. Let's get started!

6-Grid Chain

6 grid chain tutorial

Today we’re going to put together a 6-Grid Chain block. This block makes a great alternating block to showcase fancy or more difficult blocks – think star blocks, or Dresden plate blocks, or paper pieced blocks. You can use just 2 fabric colors plus the background fabric to make this block (then you’ll have one color go upper left to lower right and the other color go from lower left to upper right). Or you can make it scrappy like I’m doing in the tutorial. The directions here are for a 9″ finished block. Let’s get started!

Blocks and Stars

blocks and stars tutorial

Today let's look at this traditional quilt block called Blocks and Stars. It is similar to some of the braced star patterns but has the addition of the blocks in the corners. It's an easy design so let's get sewing!

Summer Wind

summer wind tutorial

Today we're going to sew together the traditional Summer Wind Quilt Block. We've had our share of wind this summer so I thought this block was appropriate!

Lattice Star

lattice star tutorial

This scrappy Lattice Star block has a pinwheel in the middle. Plus it creates a wonderful secondary design when made into a quilt! Let's get started! 

Friendship Quilt

friendship quilt tutorial

Today let's look at this easy quilt block called Friendship Quilt. It is a traditional block and was first published in Hearth and Home. Using only squares and rectangles it is quick and easy to sew together. Let's get started!

Nine Patch Star

nine patch tutorial

Today let's learn how to make this easy traditional block called Nine Patch Star. The beauty of this block is the star that appears when it's made into a quilt! Let's get sewing!

Paddle Wheel

paddle wheel tutorial

The Paddle Wheel quilt block that I'm going to show you goes together quickly because of the strip sets. It is put together using partial seam construction but not hard at all. Update: You don't have to use partial seam construction to get the same block!

Bear Paw

bear paw

Today let’s put together a variation of the traditional Bear Paw quilt block. There are lots of other names for this block like The Best Friend, Bear’s Tracks, Bear’s Foot, Cat’s Paw, Duck’s Foot in the Mud, Hand of Friendship, Illinois Turkey Track, and Tea Leaf Design – WOW, that’s a lot! The variation I’m showing you is with a four-patch in the “paw” part instead of a plain patch. This variation of the Bear Paw quilt block finishes at 14″. Let’s get started!

Grandma's Choice

grandmas choice

Today let's look at the traditional quilt block Grandma's Choice! Of course, it goes by several other names - Fanny's Favorite, Diamond Ring, Old Favorite, etc. And there are other blocks called Grandma's (or Grandmother's) Choice! It first appeared as Grandma's Choice in 1938. It's a great little chain block that traditionally is only in two colors but I really think scrappy would look great too. Because it is a chain block, it would also look good alternating with another block. It's not hard to sew, sew let's get started!

I hope you've enjoyed this roundup of scrappy quilt block patterns. I'll be adding to this post whenever I make another tutorial for a scrappy block. There are so many options with scrappy blocks - just changing the color placement can make them seem like an entirely different block. 

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Happy Quilting!


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